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Oil tempered wire

Oil tempered wire is material for the spring which is given the continuous quench and temper heat-treatment. This oil tempered wire have excellent properties as spring material, and is used as various springs for the automobile such as the valve springs of the engine, the clutch springs, the transmission springs, and the suspension springs. Nippon Steel & Sumikin SG Wire Co., Ltd. prepares wide lineup oil tempered wire in the grade of steel, size and shape of cross section, to meet the various needs of the customers.

Hard drawn steel wire

Hard drawn steel wire is made by the special heat treatment and cold drawing process by using high quality high carbon steel wire rods. The usage of the hard drawn steel wire is mainly for the spring of wide general purpose.

Music spring wire

Music spring wire is a steel wire with long history that the strength is given by the special heat treatment and cold drawing process by using special high quality high carbon steel wire rods. This process is similar as hard drawn steel wire, but music spring wire is manufactured more politely, and under severer quality control.
Our music spring wire is used for the spring of various usages in which not only music wire used for the string of a piano or guitar but also much kind of springs which is needed high reliability, and has been received high acclaim from the user in the world.

PC steel wire

As a reinforcing material, PC steel wire and PC steel strand are an essential component accounting for the strength of buildings, bridges and other concrete structures. Parallel wire, used in suspension bridges and other long bridges, is a basic material that has literally supported bridge technology.

Shaped wire

Shaped wire are produced in many shaped tailored to diverse needs. Their applications include oil gauges, window blinds and power spring for automotive steel belts.